Thursday, April 24, 2014


      Sometimes life offers us the golden opportunities to step out of our own country and settled in a whole new environment. But, is it really a New Environment? The new place you would be travelling is always inside the same world known as the Planet Earth and all places shared the same air, the same light and the same land, until and unless you are on a mission to the space. The more you travel, the more you will recognise that all people are almost the same. So, how can it be extremely so new, that some people find it very difficult to adapt in a new place. And they envy other people who find themselves so adaptable and enjoyable wherever they travel.
          I know many of you may agree or disagree with my view on adaptation, but the truth is that the person who disagree are those who are already enjoying their expatriate life and the person who agrees that adaptation in a new place is quite a boring idea, are probably not enjoying their expatriate life.Well, for both the cases, I have some points to share with you, which you may give a try to have a more meaningful and enjoyable expatriate life.

1. Extend your friendship circle, especially with the locals:

  Yes,it is always fun to hang around with the same like minded persons you have born and bought up with, but it is not necessary that the person in the new place wouldn't be a like-minded one as you, and if you are lucky enough you will find them more interesting too. There is no fun in having the same experience in a different location, new location should be cherished with more and more new friends. Apart from this, if you don't have local friends giving information about the new festivals or new happenings going in and around their cities, you probably misses all the great fun you could have explore; just because of lack of information on time. Probably, you might not be even aware for what kind of celebrations or functions you have been granted a public holiday in between the week. So, guys open up your heart a little bit & make some rooms for the new strangers at your new place!!!

2. Learn few basic native lingual:

       It's always fun to learn a new language or let's say the other way learning anything new is fun. You will be able to connect better & better understanding occurs when you speak their lingual. They will like it and accept you more when they see that you have done that extra homework. It's not about the struggle for acceptance, but its all about the connection you would like to make with your new friend & the new surroundings. No matter where you travel, starting from a developed country to a developing country, you will always find native lingual speaker around. So, if you speak their lingual, the ball will be always in your hand, you will never find yourself helpless in any given situation. Just start with the few basic conversations commonly used and the rest will follow by itself. So, which language is your next target now?

3.  Do as they do:

          "In Rome,do as the Romans do" this saying goes very well with all expats on board. Well, it doesn't mean that you started wearing their traditional dresses all over or neither you should start wearing your own traditional dresses making yourself an alien. Remember, every traditional dresses have their own proper forum and their own right location to be worn. Usage of these dresses in the wrong location gives others an impression that you need to work on your dressing sense. A decent western wear dress is widely accepted all over the world, except for Saudi Arabia according to my knowledge. And you can make this dress shorter or longer according to the acceptance of the geographic location you are located.
       Apart from dress, another example is the picnic sense.When you have become friend with them, chances are that, they will invite you in their picnic trip or any sight seeing trip. Few have a habit of going out with no stuffs around, if you are one of those free-going soul, then make sure to notice them whether they are free-going too or not. If not, then it's an alarm that next time you have to contribute it equally, otherwise, in no time you will be out of their list. Be human guys!!!!:)

4. Give respect and get the same back:

           People named it racism, when they failed to get respect from the person in front. I would rather love to called it "disrespect" and it has nothing to do with the community or the country, but it has to do with the respective individuals entirely. Such people always tried to make their own group of all like minded people and spread the awareness that to be on a safer side, we have to unite. But, the truth is that, any unity formed on the basis of hatred or revenge can't contribute any good to the planet. Whenever such union becomes successful in their purpose, a new territory or a new state was indeed born. Shortly, a union made for diversity.
        Psychologist says, "Whenever you feel disrespected, it's where a strong introspection is required". It simply means that when you don't respect yourself, you will mirror more and more people of its kind. Remember, life is a just a mirror of what is inside of you. So, the person who is fighting for respect is not actually fighting with the outer world, it's his individual war inside him. Don't be a part of any such war; rather learn to accept and respect yourself first and then, life would be surrounded by so many harmonious and amazing people; no matter where you are . That's the law of life......:) Too theoretic I guess!!!

5. Explore new places wherever possible:

           If you are an expat, the good news is that you really have a lots & lots of new places to explore. And the another interesting point is that people who loves to travel spends dollars & dollars to explore any kind of new place wherever it's possible. Now, few of those new places have become a local place for you. By local, I mean no visa constraint, no irritating formalities, just pack your stuffs & there you are. Plan it accordingly and make it an interesting one. And here also, if you hang out with a local native, you will have a more wider & fun-filled trip. Everybody loves to travel, don't believe??? Just search out for travelling on Google and you will find your answer. "The world is a book and those who don't travel read only one page." - Augustine

       I hope you all will like my idea, and if somebody has more interesting idea, please leave a comment below, your comments will be highly appreciated.Good Luck!!!!!

                         "The best way to get good idea is to get lots of idea"  Jesus


  1. Very intersting fact :)
    Making trustworthy frens means to becom a trustworthy self frst......
    Infact all d answr fr d queries in lyf lies in oneslf...jst dat mst of peoples seach answr frm othrs :)

  2. Very rightly said, Miss Samom.......Life is a mirror or projection of what is inside you!!!!!
    A very vivid example: while walking in public, if you notice and stare at every person around, you will see all of them staring you back. And will ask yourself a question "why everybody is staring at me"? The vice versa happens when you walk ignoring all of them...... :)